LwM2M (LightweightM2M)

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The LwM2M protocol was specified by industry experts in the Device Management Working Group at the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). LwM2M is a secure, efficient and deployable client-server protocol for managing resource constrained devices on a variety of networks.  The protocol, which was ratified by OMA on February, 15 2017, will help the industry accelerate the promise and potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

LwM2M uses a modern architectural design based on REST, defines an extensible resource and data model and reuses and builds on an efficient secure data transfer standard called the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), standardized by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) as a variation of the Internet’s HTTP.

Smith Micro’s QuickLink IoT solution is based on the LwM2M spec and meets the device management requirements of several Tier 1 wireless carriers. Additionally, Smith Micro has extended LwM2M for smartphone applications, and is the core technology driving policy management in both the NetWise Director and Captivate product lines.

Smith Micro hosts LwM2M TestFest and OMA DM Working Group

In May 2017, Smith Micro hosted the OMA’s first TestFest event focused specifically on proving LwM2M interoperability. At the event, 31 engineers from 12 companies tested 8 clients and 9 servers using the LwM2M protocol. Results of the TestFest event are available on the OMA GitHub page. In meetings colocated with the TestFest at Smith Micro's Pittsburgh facility, OMA’s Device Management Working Group set development and timeline targets for the next generation of the Lightweight M2M protocol, LwM2M v1.1. More information about the future of LwM2M is available here.

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