Complete Protection for the Connected Family

SafePath Home, powered by Gryphon, is a cloud managed router agent that works with any router hardware to provide complete network protection, management, and parental controls for your connected family. Give subscribers a simple and easy to use tool to take control of their connected home.

Grow With Your Connected Family

The average family has over 12 devices connected to the Internet today…and that number keeps growing! Offer subscribers and their family a solution that detects threats and intrusions before they become a problem.

Stay One Step Ahead of Increased Attacks

As connected home devices continue to see an increase in attacks, SafePath Home doesn’t rest in fighting off each one. Constant updates from the latest threat database along with machine learning provides the most up to date protection available for your subscribers' families.

Robust Parental Controls

Whether children are 5 or 15, parents want to protect and guide them in their online activities. SafePath Home makes it easy for subscribers to take back control for their families.

  • Control and monitor Internet usage – View browsing history (even if it’s deleted), filter content by age, enforce Safe Search including YouTube, or even pause Internet access
  • Filter content with CrowdRanking™ – Through an existing database of over 1 million blocked sites plus constant updates from multiple aggregated sources, you can count on the highest level of protection
  • Homework/Bedtime schedule – Help your kids stay on task by assigning specific times for homework or bedtime
  • App Control – Manage online access to popular apps like Fortnite, Snapchat, and YouTube
  • Remote access – No matter where you are, you’re never as far away as your smartphone to get notifications, grant access, or pause the Internet

In-Home Network and Security Management

  • Use your existing router – SafePath Home is a cloud managed router agent that can be integrated into any number of current routers to provide subscribers complete protection
  • Mesh Network Management – View, manage, and configure the latest mesh WiFi connectivity to optimize Internet speeds throughout the home
  • Home network security – You’re assured of having the most current protection for your home by receiving constant updates from the latest threat database
  • Malware and intrusion detection – Through the use of machine learning, SafePath Home can warn you when there’s activity that deviates from normal usage
  • Automatic Software Updates – Keep your software and security up to date with automatic over the air patches to your WiFi router

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