Premium Voice Experiences for Mobile Consumers

In today’s rapidly changing mobile landscape, you need a highly flexible approach to maintaining consumer market share. In order to compete effectively with over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps, you need a platform that helps you deliver, manage and monetize premium services.

How Do You Compete With Free Messaging?

Are you losing messaging revenue to over-the-top (OTT) applications? With CommSuite Avatars you can monetize existing voicemail and messaging platforms with premium content that gives subscribers a new way to communicate and express themselves. Our diverse content library lets users reflect their mood and personality through characters, backgrounds, and voice effects. Supplement revenues with in-app advertising, or offer premium features for upsell.

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Visual Voicemail-to-Text - Voicemail at the Speed of Text

Voicemail at the Speed of Text

Over the past few years, voicemail has increasingly been used less and less. Customers are now using text messaging, social media and other visual means of communicating with each other. That doesn't mean voicemail is dead. It only means you need to offer your customer more visual ways to use it. With Visual Voicemail-to-Text, your customers are able to see their voicemails making it a fast and convenient alternative. Watch this demonstration to learn more.

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Is Voicemail a Ball-and-Chain?

Is Voicemail a Ball-and-Chain?

As your subscriber base rapidly grows each year, so do your expenses for voicemail system storage and customer support. Taking a hosted approach can mitigate this problem.  The CommSuite® platform ensures that you can cap or reduce voicemail storage costs by 75%. Plus, automatic provisioning of the voicemail client – even when you swap devices - results in additional savings by significantly reducing calls to customer care. Contain costs, while keeping your customers happy.

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