Simplify and Enhance Wi-Fi Connectivity

As the demand for anytime, anywhere connectivity grows, Wi-Fi has become a critical strategic investment for Cable/MSOs. Despite aggressive deployment of hotspots, Wi-Fi still has its challenges. To maximize service adoption and reduce churn, network providers must ensure Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) is high, and users can easily find and securely access hotspots.

Can They Find and Connect to Your Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Even though you’ve rolled out an extensive Wi-Fi network, can your subscribers easily find and securely connect to it? Increase Wi-Fi adoption through proactive network promotion, simplified onboarding and a secure, transparent login experience. Download our datasheet to see how the NetWise® Platform helps Cable/MSOs deliver the best Wi-Fi experience possible.

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Your Subscribers Want a Seamless Wi-Fi Experience

What kind of Wi-Fi experience are you providing to your subscribers? If it’s not seamless and hassle-free, then they certainly won’t appreciate it! Credential provisioning and authentication is one of the major challenges that must be overcome. Streamline Wi-Fi access with automatic and seamless credential provisioning and authentication. Explore how NetWise® Passport can optimize Wi-Fi for your customers. Download the datasheet to learn more.

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What QoS are You Providing to Your Customers?

Your subscribers want free Wi-Fi outside of the home to power their smart devices, but they will only value your network if the Quality of Service (QoS) is high and the user experience is seamless. Monitoring traffic at network access points will provide high-level usage data, but tells you nothing about your customer’s experience on your network. To provide the best QoS possible, on-device monitoring of critical network metrics like RSSI, backhaul availability, throughput and latency is absolutely necessary.

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Put Your Network Where Your Customers Use Data

Building out an extensive Wi-Fi footprint can be a viable strategy to attract and retain customers, but how do you know where hotspot deployment makes the most sense? Device-based network usage statistics will provide transparency into how, where and when wireless networks are being used, giving you invaluable insights into your ongoing Wi-Fi rollout strategy. Let device-based analytics with NetWise® Optics provide the ‘intelligence’ you’re looking for. Watch this webinar recording to see how this technique can help uncover network "blind spots".

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