Optimize IoT Service Revenue

The Internet of Things enables new revenue lines with unlimited upside. However, device security, management costs, and challenges related to scalability and interoperability can limit bottom-line impact. Maximize the profitability of your IoT service line with standards-based device management and an efficient, secure FOTA service.

Is Device Management Complexity Impacting Your Profits?

Effectively managing thousands of connected devices is an acute business challenge. Streamline the complexity of IoT device management with automated device health monitoring, rules-based update orchestration, and autonomous device operation. Based on the OMA’s LwM2M DM standard, Smith Micro’s next-generation IoT services platform will simplify device management for your customers.

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How Efficient are Your Over-the-Air Updates?

Every connected device requires periodic firmware and application updates to remain operational. To reduce congestion and contain costs, minimizing the bandwidth used during both FOTA and AOTA (application over-the-air) updates is paramount. Smith Micro’s proven FOTA and AOTA services leverage advanced differencing algorithms and the LwM2M standard to deliver ultra-compressed packages that don’t tax your network.

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So You Need a High-Quality, Industry-Proven DM Solution?

Smith Micro offers full-featured, standards-based device management solutions for all types of connected IoT devices. Developed to both the Open Mobile Alliance’s legacy DM protocol (OMA-DM), as well as OMA’s next-generation DM protocol (LwM2M), the QuickLink IoT client supports both Linux and Android operating systems.

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