Webinar Recording: Uncover Network Blind Spots With Device-Based QoS Analytics

webinar-uncover-blind-spotsIn an increasingly crowded and dynamic wireless market, it is no longer enough for communications service providers (CSPs) to merely make wireless service available to their subscribers. Quality of Service (QoS) is critical to attracting and retaining customers, which means CSPs can't afford "blind spots" when managing network QoS. Blind spots occur on unowned or partner networks where traditional network tools can’t capture performance data or events that negatively impact user experience, such as failed credential authentication, dropped calls, captive portal hanging and cellular "dead zones." Unfortunately, customers often don't know or care which network they're accessing, so any poor experience is attributed to their wireless service provider.

To gain a complete understanding of subscriber experience across all networks, a device-based approach to QoS monitoring is critical. Device analytics capture key performance metrics, such as dropped connections, latency and signal strength. With this information, CSPs can compare performance of their network with other networks being used by subscribers, facilitating partner Service Level Agreements, network planning and competitive marketing strategies.

In this webinar, Heavy Reading analyst Dan O'Shea and experts from Smith Micro Software discuss how device-based analytics enable:

  • Proactive QoS management across the entire subscriber experience
  • Competitive benchmarking against other networks
  • Identification of poorly performing APs and gaps in coverage
  • Insights into user adoption of key services


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