Webinar Recording:
Extending Network Policy to the Device

Webinar Recording: Extending Network Policy to the DeviceSelecting an effective Policy on Device (PoD) strategy is an essential element in relieving network congestion, extending cellular coverage, or creating multi-tiered service offerings such as Wi-Fi first data plans.

In this recording, Yankee Group VP Jennifer Pigg will discuss:

  • Why MNOs have been unable to implement on-device network policy
  • Emerging venders and the new class of PoD solutions
  • The declining growth rate of mobile data traffic
  • Why data offload is only the tip of the iceberg

Hear details from Yankee Group’s report exploring PoD methodology, available solutions, and recommendations on extending network policy to the device.

In addition, Smith Micro, a provider of PoD solutions, will discuss use cases, the importance of measuring the customer experience on Wi-Fi networks, and steps to a successful implementation.


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