Webinar Recordings

Uncover Network Blind Spots With Device-Based QoS Analytics

webinar-uncover-blind-spotsIn an increasingly crowded and dynamic wireless market, it is no longer enough for communications service providers (CSPs) to merely make wireless service available to their subscribers. Quality of Service (QoS) is critical to attracting and retaining customers, which means CSPs can't afford "blind spots" when managing network QoS. To gain a complete understanding of subscriber experience across all networks, a device-based approach to QoS monitoring is critical. Device analytics capture key performance metrics, such as dropped connections, latency and signal strength.

In this webinar, Heavy Reading analyst Dan O'Shea and experts from Smith Micro will discuss how a device-based analytics approach can benefit CSPs by improving the subscriber experience.

Extending Network Policy to the Device

Selecting an effective Policy on Device (PoD) strategy is an essential element in relieving network congestion, extending cellular coverage, or creating multi-tiered service offerings such as Wi-Fi first data plans.

In this exclusive webinar, Yankee Group VP Jennifer Pigg will discuss:

  • Why MNOs have been unable to implement on-device network policy
  • Emerging venders and the new class of PoD solutions
  • The declining growth rate of mobile data traffic
  • Why data offload is only the tip of the iceberg

Hear details from Yankee Group’s new report exploring PoD methodology, available solutions, and recommendations on extending network policy to the device.

In addition, Smith Micro, a provider of PoD solutions, will discuss use cases, the importance of measuring the customer experience on Wi-Fi networks, and steps to a successful implementation.

Data Offload – Carrier Strategies & Consumer Perspectives

Presented by Ovum Research and Smith Micro

Data offload is one of the key challenges facing mobile network operators (MNOs) today. In fact, recent Ovum research indicates that 70% of MNOs surveyed already have, or plan to have, a data offload solution in place by the end of 2012.

Wi-Fi, Small Cells, and 4G LTE are all being touted as panaceas for solving the data congestion problem, but where should MNOs start to address this critical issue, and what do consumers have to say about it?

Based on first-hand market research conducted by Ovum and Smith Micro, this webinar will contrast current MNO data offload strategies with consumer response to different connection methods.