Brochures and Datasheets

SafePath Family Datasheet - Location Services and Parental Controls

SafePath® Family provides location services and parental controls to keep families connected and protected. Learn how to help your subscribers protect and locate their loved ones whenever, wherever.

Datasheet: QuickLink IoT Intelligence Platform

QuickLink® IoT is a LightweightM2M (LwM2M) compliant services platform that offers standard products for all Internet of Things (IoT) needs, including device management and FOTA and is fully customizable to meet customer requirements.

CommSuite Datasheet

Today's mobile-savvy consumers demand services that are convenient and easy to use. Add value to your voicemail service with CommSuite®, a proven solution installed on millions of mobile handsets.

CommSuite Platform Brochure

The CommSuite premium services platform allows wireless network operators to deliver and monetize advanced voice, video and text messaging applications. With built-in services for app purchase, delivery, provisioning, management and analytics, CommSuite lets you flexibly deploy individual or bundled services using one-time, recurring or ad-supported business models.

NetWise Director Datasheet - Intelligent Connectivity

NetWise® Director is a flexible, client-server solution that automatically and intelligently discovers, selects and connects to the most optimal network to facilitate Wi-Fi usage and to enhance mobile connectivity for subscribers. This proven solution is available for Android, iOS, and Win/Mac Desktop.

NetWise Optics Datasheet - Mobile Data Analytics

NetWise Optics is a mobile data analytics solution that provides unique visibility and insights into network performance and end user QoE. Learn how to understand network performance from your subscribers' perspective.

NetWise Passport Datasheet - Seamless Wi-Fi Provisioning

The growing dependence on Wi-Fi is a boon for all types of communication service providers (CSPs) since it creates an additional channel to provide value to their customers. However, Wi-Fi must be easy to access and enjoyable to use. NetWise Passport provides the seamless, zero-click Wi-Fi experience mobile users demand. Read our datasheet to learn more.

NetWise for Cable MSOs Datasheet

The NetWise solution for Cable MSOs ensures the best Wi-Fi experience for your customers through on-device control and over-the-air manageability. Learn more how to deliver smarter network connections and improve your Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS).

Infographic: Using Policy on Device for Intelligent Network Connections

This infographic highlights just some of the ways to use intelligent offload and policy at the device to manage and monetize the Wi-Fi experience.

NetWise Platform Brochure

The NetWise platform provides dynamic connection management and policy control using an intelligent client on the device. NetWise solves a wide range of wireless connectivity challenges stemming from heterogeneous network (HetNet) complexity, Wi-Fi hotspot proliferation, onslaught of connected devices/apps/data, and fragmentation of M2M platforms. With so much at stake and so little time, you need a PoD platform you can deploy quickly and build on as your needs evolve.

Reasons Why a Client is Essential for Data Offload

Data offload has become a critical issue for mobile network operators due to the explosive growth of traffic generated by smartphones, notebooks, and tablets. While there are many tactics for relieving network congestion, incorporating an intelligent device client into your strategy offers many benefits that you won't get with "clientless" approaches.

Download our datasheet to discover 7 compelling reasons why a client-based solution should be a mandatory component of any data offload strategy.