The QuickLink® platform is the standard for carrier-grade connection management. The platform encourages the upsell of premium plans and services with a better out-of-the-box experience. Extend your branding and services through the Windows UI, convert Wi-Fi device owners into smartphone hotspot users, and more.

Customized UI with Application Extensions

  • Easy service and app integration: SMS, GPS, RSS, Social Apps, Email, Visual Voicemail, and more
  • Extendable to include data-offloading, device management, and analytics
  • Display targeted services and promotional offers in less time
  • Modular and downloadable clients enable quick customization

Integrated Billing Management and Alerts

  • Rapid integration with operator billing systems
  • Instant access to data top-ups and plan upgrades
  • Real-time data usage alerts and logging prevent subscriber bill shock
  • Easy on-device activation

Customer Support Applications

  • Self-care troubleshooting identifies and resolves common connectivity problems
  • One-click diagnostic capture automatically sends performance and usage info to customer care, expediting resolution of complicated cases
  • Policy management gives MVNOs and IT more device control over roaming, security and performance
  • Remote over-the-air updates

Security and Control

  • Two-factor and device authentication (also complies with CJIS Security Policy requirements)
  • Supports leading VPN solutions (Cisco, Juniper, etc.)
  • FIPS 140-2 validated AES encryption in 128-bit or 256-bit strengths
  • Combined or stand-alone mVPN and connection manager (CM) clients
  • Learn more about our Enterprise-grade connection management platform, QuickLink Mobility

Captive Portal with Integrated Billing

  • Prebuilt or custom web portals offer maximum flexibility in purchase options
  • Options include: pay-per-connection, premium service subscription, hotspot activation and more
  • Companion client grows data and service usage on Wi-Fi only devices such as eReaders and Wi-Fi only tablets

Windows 8 Tile and Hotspot Support

  • Branded start screen tile and application provides a better user experience across operator-owned and Wi-Fi only devices
  • Ensures a “metered” connection is used when connecting to a personal hotspot device (smartphone or dedicated device)