NetWise SmartSpot

Part of the NetWise platform, NetWise SmartSpot™ is a convenient, over-the-top application wireless service providers can use to facilitate access to Wi-Fi networks, driving up adoption rates. Using advanced Wi-Fi promotion and authentication, NetWise SmartSpot helps you reduce your mobile data costs, increase data offload rates, and better engage users over Wi-Fi. Explore our Wi-Fi Datasheet for more information.

Smart Wi-Fi Discovery

  • Helps users locate available Wi-Fi access points
  • Easy-to-read map displays
  • Preloaded Wi-Fi directories make mapping available on and offline


  • Saves subscriber credentials enabling auto-connection to preferred networks
  • Improves end-user convenience by streamlining the log-in process

Proactive Notifications

  • Alert users when they are near available Wi-Fi
  • Works even when Wi-Fi radios are turned off
  • Drives Wi-Fi adoption

Wi-Fi Efficiency Score

  • Great for cost-conscious subscribers
  • Benchmark Wi-Fi usage against peers
  • Creates incentives to use more Wi-Fi