NetWise Passport

Maximize the value of Wi-Fi both as a customer retention tool and monetization vehicle with seamless and secure credential provisioning and automated management of the credential lifecycle for each subscriber. With the NetWise® Passport solution, Cable/MSOs can amplify the value of their Wi-Fi footprint and other value-added services by streamlining subscriber onboarding, authentication and credential lifecycle management.

Deliver a Hassle-free Wi-Fi Experience to Your Customers

Your Wi-Fi network may be the best around, but if your customers’ struggle to configure Wi-Fi settings and credentials or connect to your access points securely, who cares? With NetWise Passport, maximize the value of your Wi-Fi footprint with streamlined onboarding and automatic credential provisioning. Explore our datasheet for more detail.

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Extend the Reach of Your Wi-Fi Footprint

While smartphones now generate the majority of data traffic offloaded to public Wi-Fi networks, many consumers still desire mobile connectivity while using Wi-Fi only or legacy devices. Extend your network’s reach with NetWise Passport and increase your relevance with these customers by supporting credential authentication even when SIM-based accreditation is not possible.

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Simplify Your Multi-Party Strategy

Connect the dots between partner networks and service providers with your network to provide your subscribers with the best possible connected experience every time. With NetWise Passport, automatically provision and de-provision devices based on subscription level/service plan agreements to exceed your customers’ expectations with uninterrupted, seamless connectivity. Learn more by reading “Carrier-grade” Wi-Fi doesn’t just happen.

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Chess Pieces - Strategic, Flexible Partnerships = Low Operating Expense

Strategic, Flexible Partnerships = Low Operating Expense

To provide the most expansive Wi-Fi footprint to your customers, network partnerships and multi-party network aggregation strategies become necessary. Unfortunately, these arrangements are often complicated and costly to manage. NetWise Passport will enable you to streamline partner and service management all while providing the best Quality of Experience to your customers.

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Begin Accelerating the ROI of Your Wi‑Fi Footprint

Your subscribers will only value your Wi-Fi network if its secure and easy to access. Boost Wi-Fi service adoption and subscriber satisfaction with streamlined credential provisioning and management. Contact us to learn more or to set up a demonstration.

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