NetWise Passport

Maximize the value of Wi-Fi both as a customer retention tool and monetization vehicle with seamless and secure credential provisioning and automated management of the credential lifecycle for each subscriber. With the NetWise® Passport solution, Cable/MSOs can amplify the value of their Wi-Fi footprint and other value-added services by streamlining subscriber onboarding, authentication and credential lifecycle management.

Seamless, Streamlined Wi-Fi Credential Provisioning

In terms of enabling mobile connectivity, Wi-Fi is more important than ever. As more and more users adopt data-intensive usage behaviors such as mobile video streaming, the demand for high-quality Wi-Fi will only increase as users seek low-cost alternatives to expensive and restrictive data plans. By automating subscriber on-boarding and credential provisioning with NetWise Passport, you can ensure that your Wi-Fi network will be the one your customers use where it is available.

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Automated Network Discovery and Seamless User On-boarding

  • Subscribers will automatically connect to “recognized” networks when available, requiring no effort on the part of the end user.
  • Captive portal bypass

Subscriber Retention and Roaming Management

  • Maximize the value of Wi-Fi as a retention tool by facilitating streamlined, secure access for your subscribers.
  • For MVNOs, expensive roaming agreements diminish lifetime service value. Optimize the profitability of your mobile service offering with automatic and secure Wi-Fi offload.

Automatic Wi-Fi Provisioning and User Authentication

  • Auto-authentication and Service provisioning
  • Updated credentials and credential revocation are handled automatically, ensuring each device always has the correct credentials.
  • Transparently deliver authentication credentials from wireless or cable subscriber accounts.
  • Supports both Hotspot 2.0 enabled and non-enabled devices with a consistent, seamless experience

Subscriber Life Cycle Management

  • Ensure subscriber devices always have the correct service credentials.
  • Automatically revoke user credentials upon subscriber churn.