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To deliver the best Quality of Experience, it is necessary to understand wireless service quality from the subscriber’s perspective. A key component of the NetWise® policy-on-device platform, the NetWise® Optics mobile analytics solution helps MNOs/MVNOs and Cable/MSOs to uncover performance blind spots and optimize Wi-Fi and cellular network quality for their subscribers.

Visibility On—and Off—Your Network

Your network tools provide Quality of Service data for your network, but what about partner networks? And how does your network compare to other public and private networks used by subscribers? The NetWise Optics intelligent on-device client provides this valuable insight, enabling you to measure key QoS metrics and subscriber/device behavior across every network. Your customers will thank you. Watch this webinar recording for a greater understanding on uncovering these network "blind spots".

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Understand Customer Behavior and Usage Patterns

What services do your customers use and when? What types of devices are predominately used to consume these services? Are subscribers more likely to use a certain service when connected to a specific type of wireless network (Cellular or Wi-Fi)? NetWise Optics provides comprehensive, device-based intelligence to answer all of these questions and more.

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Deploy New Network Assets with Confidence

Deploy New Network Assets with Confidence

Understanding subscriber usage patterns, connectivity challenges, and performance deficits are critical to network planning. NetWise Optics helps you optimize network resources and planning by answering key questions about Wi-Fi vs cellular usage, gaps in coverage, QoS metrics across networks, and more.

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Facilitate the Mobility Your Subscribers Desire

Collecting customer insights is important, but insights are only as valuable as they are actionable. By combining device-based QoS measurements gained from NetWise Optics with intelligent, policy-based connection management capabilities, service providers can deliver a “Best Connected” experience to their subscribers. Explore our infographic for some of the ways to use Policy-on-Device for intelligent network connections.

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Start Discovering Your Subscriber's Perspective of Network Performance

How can you ensure high subscriber QoE if you can’t measure it? Collection of QoS metrics at the device level is the only way to gain total visibility into subscriber experience. Contact us to see how NetWise Optics enables comprehensive understanding of subscriber QoE.

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