NetWise I/O

NetWise I/O is an innovative tool that offers a complete program for validating interoperability between network servers and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management.



What is NetWise I/O?

NetWise I/O is the industry’s first formal certification tool for testing compliance to the Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) standard. NetWise I/O ensures that network policies sent by an ANDSF server are being received and interpreted correctly by an ANDSF client residing on the device. NetWise I/O helps to accelerate commercial deployment of ANDSF-based management solutions intended to improve user experience and balance network traffic through the seamless handoff of data between 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks.


Prepare for Tomorrow’s Network Transition Needs Today


Prepare for Tomorrow’s Network Transition Needs Today

With the NetWise I/O toolkit, operators and infrastructure providers can test client-server interoperability today, making it easier to plan for ANDSF commercial deployment tomorrow.

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Why leave user experience to chance?

You need to see how ANDSF policies will impact device behavior and the user experience. NetWise I/O gives you the tools to gain invaluable insights into how these policies will effect your users. This powerful solution comes complete with a reference client, test scripts and documentation.

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Don't Follow the Leaders – Join Them

Wireless leaders like Openet, Amdocs and NSN have all used NetWise I/O to validate their ANDSF implementations. Take advantage of a proven program that can save you time and money now, and help you avoid interoperability challenges later. Contact us today to learn how you can use NetWise I/O to validate your ANDSF implementation.

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