NetWise I/O

NetWise I/O is an innovative tool that offers a complete program for validating interoperability between network servers and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management.


ANDSF Reference Client

  • An OMA-DM-based Android application that relies on the S14 interface to communicate with ANDSF servers
  • See how ANDSF operations affect device behavior, including
    • Response times
    • Hand-over experience
    • Connection establishment and teardown times
    • Policy conflict resolution.

Platform Extensions

Like most industry standards, ANDSF alone doesn’t address every need. The NetWise® platform supports ANDSF extensions.

  • Implement advanced traffic use cases
  • Helps differentiate your service and network experience

Complete Test Environment

Testing is crucial to ensure successful outcomes. NetWise I/O includes documentation and test scripts to help you validate commands using ANDSF Management Objects, such as:

  • ANDSF service discovery
  • Device and server initiated updates
  • Device location
  • Mobility policy and network discovery
  • Policy and network prioritization and selection

Test the basics with NetWise I/O and then work with us to mature your offering using the complete NetWise platform.

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