Operator Products

Innovative Solutions that Deliver "Best-connected" User Experiences

SafePath Family

SafePath Family makes location tracking and parental controls easy for all family members. A cloud-based, full-featured platform, SafePath Family enables mobile operators to provide a comprehensive functionality to their subscribers such as real-time family location, easy-to-use parental controls, and support for wearables such as GPS wristwatches and backpack locators.

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QuickLink IoT Services Platform

Based on the Open Mobile Alliance’s LightweightM2M (LwM2M) and OMA-DM device management standards, the QuickLink® IoT Services Platform delivers an extensible, efficient and full-featured solution that addresses the main challenges associated with IoT device management. QuickLink IoT is a standards-based, client-server solution that provides fault and diagnostics management, device provisioning, device configuration, carrier-certified compliance with DM standards, and robust Firmware/SW updates.

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CommSuite Visual Voicemail

The CommSuite® platform is a premium services solution that allows mobile operators to deliver and monetize advanced voice, video and messaging applications. The platform is designed to help operators generate new revenue streams and revitalize legacy messaging systems.

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NetWise Director

The NetWise Director® solution helps both mobile and cable operators provide their subscribers with the best wireless network experience. Built on the powerful NetWise policy-on-device platform, NetWise Director seamlessly manages data connections to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. It also lets you evolve traffic controls as your needs change through over-the-air policy updates and built-in analytics.

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NetWise Optics

To deliver the best Quality of Experience, it is necessary to understand wireless service quality from the subscriber’s perspective. A key component of the NetWise policy-on-device platform, the NetWise Optics™ mobile analytics solution helps MNOs/MVNOs and Cable/MSOs to uncover performance blind spots and optimize Wi-Fi and cellular network quality for their subscribers.

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NetWise Passport

Enhance Wi-Fi for your subscribers with true “zero-click” provisioning. With the NetWise Passport™ credential provisioning solution, MNOs, MVNOs and Cable/MSOs can amplify the value of their Wi-Fi footprint by streamlining subscriber on-boarding and authentication.

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NetWise I/O

NetWise I/O is an innovative tool that offers a complete program for validating interoperability between network servers and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management.

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The Captivate™ mobile insights & engagement platform is the only mobile marketing solution that uses carrier-grade embedded software to deliver personalized mobile engagement. Powered by an on-device expert system that enables sophisticated mobile interactions and an extensible management platform that provides the flexibility each business requires, Captivate will empower you to deliver more with mobile.

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