Taming IoT Device Management

As IoT deployments scale and new business cases arise, your device management strategy must be able to keep up. A flexible, yet robust solution for IoT device management is required to meet your needs now and in the future. Based on industry standards defined by the Open Mobile Alliance such as LwM2M and OMA-DM, the QuickLink® IoT Intelligence Platform is a resource-efficient DM solution that provides comprehensive functionality for both connected devices and IoT management servers.

Buy vs. Build… What’s the right strategy?

An organic approach to IoT device management will work… for a while. But what happens when it’s necessary to scale your connected system to incorporate thousands if not millions of devices, each with their own dependencies and unique attributes? Fortify your IoT deployments with standards-based, flexible client-server solution.

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Automate configuration and dependency management

Unforeseen device dependencies will make configuring and updating devices a nightmare. With an “intelligent” device management, you will know the system-wide ripple effect that a device update will have before it “breaks” other components in your connected system. See how the QuickLink IoT Intelligence Platform enables this insight. Read this blog post to learn more.

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Control bandwidth costs with efficient device updates

Control bandwidth costs with efficient device updates

Managing a few hundred connected devices won’t cost a fortune in bandwidth costs, but what about when you need to manage thousands or even millions of connected devices? The bandwidth costs associated with device management on this scale make it imperative to take advantage of best practices such as autonomous device operation and byte-level differencing of update package generation. Smith Micro’s solution delivers this functionality.

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Streamline carrier certification for OMA-DM

Due to the frenetic pace of the wireless industry, time isn’t a luxury afforded to mobile device manufacturers. However, obtaining carrier compliance for the Open Mobile Alliance’s Device Management (OMA-DM) protocol can slow time-to-market considerably. Streamline compliance with Smith Micro’s OMA-DM client, a proven solution with certification from some of the world’s leading wireless carriers.

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Embrace the Next Generation of Standards

OMA LightweightM2M (LwM2M) is perfect for next-generation device management, providing much better efficiency and extensibility, while also delivering autonomous device health monitoring. Offering support for both Android and Linux, Smith Micro’s LwM2M solution will take your IoT device management to the next level.

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Future-proof IoT deployments with FOTA Updates

In the fast paced high tech market, customers have grown accustomed to continuous improvements to the products that they buy. In this landscape, connected devices must be easy to update in a cost-effective manner. Smith Micro’s firmware over-the-air (FOTA) and application over-the-air (AOTA) offering is a proven solution that provides the necessary robustness to support your connected systems and devices throughout their life cycles.

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