QuickLink IoT Intelligence Platform

Based on the Open Mobile Alliance’s LightweightM2M (LwM2M) and OMA-DM device management standards, the QuickLink® IoT Intelligence Platform delivers an extensible, efficient and full-featured solution that addresses the main challenges associated with IoT device management. QuickLink IoT is a standards-based, client-server solution that provides fault and diagnostics management, device provisioning, device configuration, carrier-certified compliance with DM standards, and robust over-the-air firmware and application updates.

Full-featured Device Management for Connected Vehicles

Whether you’re looking for a FOTA solution, a device management solution, or both, the QuickLink IoT Intelligence Platform has it covered when it comes to managing the software and firmware embedded in today’s connected vehicles. Offering solutions built on both OMA-DM and OMA LwM2M standards, Smith Micro provides secure, robust and extensible DM functionality for all types of connected devices.

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Efficient Device Management for the Internet of Things

Designed specifically to enable efficient device management functionality in resource-constrained IoT devices, the Open Mobile Alliance’s LwM2M management object model simplifies traditional device management functionality for the Internet of Things. Built on this specification, Smith Micro’s IoT device management solution instills comprehensive functionality into both Android and Linux-based connected devices.

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Fault-tolerant and secure remote Firmware Updates

Smith Micro’s FOTA/AOTA offering is a turnkey, over-the-air service that empowers OEMs, M2M system integrators and connected enterprises to update device firmware and applications over-the-air (OTA). The client-server solution utilizes byte-level differencing technology to optimize the efficiency of remote device updates.

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Out-of-the-Box Carrier Certification

Streamline compliance with carrier-certified device management standards with Smith Micro’s proven DM solution. With an easy-to-implement client integration process and well-documented OEM APIs, Smith Micro’s offering will increase the profitability of your device launch by getting it to market faster.

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The QuickLink® IoT Intelligence Platform

The platform itself consists of a client-server solution for IoT device management and over-the-air (OTA) firmware and application updates. Client (device)-side and Server-side features and benefits are listed below. Client-server communication is secure and uses the following standard DM protocols: LwM2M: CoAP/DTLS; DM: HTTP/TLS; and, LwM2M JSON over TCP/IP.

Client-side Features and Benefits

  • LwM2M/OMA-DM compliant
  • Support for Android and Linux OS
  • OTA Management
  • Extensible Management Objects
  • Intelligent Rules/Policy Engine
  • Encrypted Data Collection
  • Plug-in Architecture with API

Server-side Features and Benefits

  • FOTA Package Generator
  • Device Groups
  • Rules Controller
  • Scalable to Millions of Devices
  • Machine Learning Engine
  • Carrier-grade Security