Be Connected. Stay Secure.

As more of your workforce and law enforcement officers come to rely on mobile devices, you need an effective way to manage connectivity, performance and costs. We provide a customizable platform for connectivity and policy management that is easy to scale, simple to use, and allows IT administrators regain control of mobility-related security, performance, and expenses.

Whose Network Can You
Trust With Your Data?

According to a recent GAO report*, major security breaches are occurring every second. In response, government agencies have imposed stringent requirements for advanced security. Is your level of protection enough? You need a rock-solid Mobile VPN solution that enforces government regulations, as well as your department's security policies, on every device and connection.

* “Federal Agencies Need to Enhance Responses to Data Breaches” published Apr 2, 2014

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Stay Connected and Stop Rebooting

Stay Connected and Stop Rebooting

Dropped wireless connections are the bane of every mobile worker's existence. Having to reboot laptops to regain connectivity can result in substantial downtime and increased support calls. These are all costly side effects that benefit no one. It’s time to provide reliable mobile connectivity to cellular and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring maximum uptime and reduced calls to IT for support. With support for the latest operating systems, including Windows 8.1 and Android, learn how Panasonic uses Smith Micro to improve connectivity.

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Taking the Risk Out of Mobile Connectivity

Taking the Risk Out of Mobile Connectivity

During an emergency, public safety professionals can’t afford to lose their mobile connection – not even for a second. Learn how Smith Micro can help public safety agencies achieve secure and reliable wireless connections in this informative webinar with Yankee Group analyst and veteran firefighter, Ken Rehbehn.

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