A Personal Approach to Mobile Marketing

Built for brands, large retailers and any business with a large mobile customer base, Captivate™ enhances your mobile marketing program by making the most of your mobile reach. Combine real-world situations with location-based services, purchase history, and the power of smartphones to offer a more personal brand experience to your customers.

Are promotions failing to hit the right audience?

Sending a mobile coupon for a donut to a customer trying to lose weight is not likely to result in a sale. But if you don’t know who your customer is and what their interests are, how can you possibly target your promotions? Armed with deeper contextual data, such as time of day, apps installed on the device, and purchase history, you can pin-point offers based on buying intent. Learn how to use all data available to target the right audience.

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Are people showrooming in your store and leaving?

There are many ways to collect foot traffic, but do you know who is spending time in your stores, how much time, and what else they’re doing while shopping? If you want to understand the ratio of foot traffic to repeat customers, or how mobile apps are affecting shopping habits, you’ll need more than beacons. You need context-driven mobile engagement. Explore the Captivate platform in action by watching our demo.

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Potential customers turned off by long waits for service?

When shoppers see a long line for assistance, they often leave without putting their name in the queue. Are you losing customers because you are unable to engage with them the moment they enter your store? Harness mobile connectivity to provide welcome notifications, offer virtual assistance, and register customers in an electronic queue upon entry. Then guide them to relevant products, information or self-service kiosks.

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Is customer feedback a hit or miss proposition?

Obtaining feedback from your customers can help you improve your service and build a stronger relationship, but if you ask for input at the wrong time, you risk being ignored, or worse, being annoying. Using mobile device information, location technology, point of sale systems, and other customer data, you can pick the optimal time to send a mobile survey that maximizes response while the customer experience is top of mind.

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