Connect with Guests Wherever They Roam

Your guests are attached to their mobile devices, which gives you a great new opportunity to increase efficiency, generate revenue, and gain valuable insights about your customers that are only available through mobile. Whether they are eating in the restaurant or lounging by the pool, you can engage guests with hyper-relevant mobile promotions, event-triggered surveys, or streaming video that goes wherever they do.

The Goal for Mobile: Meaningful Guest Engagement

The Goal for Mobile: Meaningful Guest Engagement

As mobile continues to grow in dominance at the expense of other methods of customer engagement – digital and traditional alike – it has become imperative for brands in every industry to demonstrate value via mobile. By combining real-world context like the time of day guests arrive and the apps in use on their device with historical customer information, hoteliers can deliver relevant mobile engagement that will add value to the overall guest experience. Watch this short demonstration video to learn more.

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Drive Guest Loyalty and Generate Revenue

Like everything else in our experience-driven society, hotels and resorts must provide exceptional guest experiences to build loyalty and maximize revenue. However, in an industry where the purchase process is often indirect and face-to-face guest interactions are far and few between, how can hoteliers be sure they are delivering the right experience for each guest? With the right approach, all of this information (and much more) can be learned from their smartphones. Learn how with this whitepaper.

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Guests are Judging You Based on Mobile Access

Surveys show that 74% of travelers prefer to book a hotel that offers access to hotel guest services on mobile devices, and 83% are open to hotel-related promotions on their mobile devices. Hotel loyalty apps are being widely adopted by frequent travelers, but they aren’t staying loyal without the personalized mobile services they’ve come to expect from other entertainment venues. Failure to optimize the mobile experience could be steering customers to your competitors who do offer such capabilities.

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