Whitepapers and Reports

Smarter Mobile Engagement Strategies for Retailers

As the most intimate technology ever to permeate the global market, the smartphone is game-changing in its ability to address users’ increasingly high expectations for convenience, personalization and “on demand” services. This whitepaper explores several intriguing use cases that illustrate how retailers can use the unique capabilities of smartphones to deliver contextually relevant engagement and create a more appealing shopping environment for their customers.




Smarter Mobile Engagement for Financial and Banking Institutions

As banking customers increasingly rely on ATMs and digital channels to perform routine banking transactions, the relevance of physical bank branches has greatly diminished. This migration has led to fewer opportunities for banks to nurture customer relationships and promote value-added services. The paper will illustrate several use cases where you can improve mobile targeting, enhance the branch experience, and drive awareness and value for financial brands.




Smarter Smartphone Marketing in Hospitality

From digital boarding passes and in-flight streaming movies, to finding the best places to eat in new destinations, mobile phones and tablets have become a traveler’s essential travel companions. Today's mobile world, where almost anything can be connected to the Internet wirelessly, has generated significant opportunities for consumer goods and service providers, and none more so than those in the hospitality industry. By embracing this shift to mobile technology, hoteliers can better understand and address the needs of their clientele and engage them in more personalized, relevant ways.




Survey Results – Hospitality Industry and Mobile Content Preferences

According to a nationwide survey, 96 percent of travelers’ desire utilize hotel services on their mobile devices, and 53 percent indicate the availability of mobile content influences their hotel or resort selection process. Learn more about the current travel and content consumption habits and preferences of smartphone and tablet users across the US through our survey results.