Webinar Recording: How Smarter Mobile Apps Can Enhance Customer Relationships

Make Apps Smarter Webinar RegistrationMobile engagement opens up an exciting new world for marketers, but without a full contextual picture of the customer, marketers are left with a big gap between what can be offered and what should be offered to consumers via mobile. Utilizing an intelligent rules engine on the device can bridge that gap, enabling more relevant and timely engagement that results in long term, mutually-valuable relationships with customers.

Listen in as executives from Smith Micro discuss ways to enhance mobile customer engagement using the embedded software techniques employed by mobile operators for decades. By combining device-based analytics and event triggers with purchase history and other customer data, businesses can, for the first time, create highly personalized customer interactions that deliver the right information, offers, and mobile services, at the right place and right time.

Gaining mobile intelligence is essential for:

  • Mobile marketing professionals
  • Mobile app developers
  • Companies implementing indoor or outdoor location-based marketing strategies
  • Mobile customer experience professionals



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