Captivate Platform

The Captivate mobile insights & engagement platform is the only solution that uses a carrier-grade, on-device expert system for real-time context detection. Captivate enhances every marketing strategy by adding a new level of mobile intelligence and precision targeting to refine campaigns and interactions. It provides the management flexibility to create and deploy mobile campaigns over the air, with no app upgrades required.

The Captivate Mobile Insights and Engagement Platform

The Captivate solution consists of a cloud-based management server, a client SDK for integrating Triggers and Actions into host applications, and a unique Plug-in framework to apply business logic to each engagement.


Management Server

The cloud-based management server is a highly flexible and scalable platform that enables complete over-the-air (OTA) control of your mobile engagement campaigns, allowing you to update business logic on any group of devices, down to a single device if desired. The campaign dashboard provides an easy way to access detailed analytics and funnel performance reports to optimize campaigns.

Client SDK

The on-device SDK includes a sophisticated rules engine that detects real-time context (i.e. Triggers) using the sensors, operating system hooks, and apps available on mobile devices. The rules engine can chain Triggers and Actions over time based on patterns of behavior. The SDK also collects device analytics to provide pivotal customer insights for campaign creation and optimization. Built on three decades of embedded mobile software expertise, the Captivate SDK was designed for efficiency and scalability, helping businesses extend the value of their investment while creating a great user experience.

Plug-ins and APIs

Every business is unique and must evolve as the market evolves. Captivate’s Plug-In design allows businesses to define their own Triggers and Actions to create a unique brand experience for their customers. REST APIs are used to share data with external systems, including CRM, POS, marketing automation, and Big Data analytics warehouses. The system can be extended to support new technologies as they are rolled out, such as beacons, wearable, magnetic positioning, and other advanced technologies.

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