The Captivate™ mobile insights & engagement platform is the only mobile marketing solution that uses carrier-grade embedded software to deliver personalized mobile engagement. Powered by an on-device expert system that enables sophisticated mobile interactions and an extensible management platform that provides the flexibility each business requires, Captivate will empower you to deliver more with mobile.

Relevance drives engagement.
Context drives relevance.

In order to take a customer-centric approach to mobile engagement, companies need to observe consumer context in real time, collect mobile insights, and improve targeting across all channels. Captivate puts customer insight and personalized interactions at the center of your mobile marketing efforts with sophisticated, device-based engagement logic.

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Supercharge retail mobile conversions with personalized promotions

Supercharge mobile conversions with personalized promotions

Instead of an annoying barrage of ads as you walk past a strip mall, personalized mobile engagement solutions use context to provide relevance. Proximity is a starting place, but is a very poor leading indicator until it is combined with the context gleaned from smartphones, as well as circumstances like day, time and purchase history. Download our whitepaper for retailers to learn more.

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Deliver a VIP mobile experience to your most valued banking customers

Deliver a VIP mobile experience to your most valued customers

Mobile is an opportunity like no other. Never have we had the chance to be on a device so personal, so critical to our customers’ lifestyle. To capitalize on the potential of mobile, brands and enterprises must approach it as if it were a relationship by personalizing experiences in ways never before available. Build deep mobile relationships with Captivate. Download our whitepaper for financial institutions to learn more.

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Grow your hospitality business. Increase revenue. Build loyalty.

Grow your hospitality business. Increase revenue. Build loyalty.

Collect and analyze foot traffic data with dwell times to learn where customers spend their time while at your locations. Use mobile services combined with digital signage and geo-fencing to understand and improve the onsite experience for your customers. Download our whitepaper for hospitality to learn more.

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Getting started is easy

Mobile engagement is one of those once-a-decade opportunities to vault past every one in your industry. Luckily with its game-changing SDK, Captivate promotes easy integration into your existing mobile app and provides robust functionality “out-of-the-box” to get your mobile campaigns up and running in weeks not months. See how easy it is to get started or contact one of our Mobile Marketing Specialists to learn more.

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Features & Benefits

Modular, building block approach to rule creation

  • No coding knowledge necessary
  • Customize user-experience by combining and chaining Triggers and Actions
  • Modular plug-ins help to create simple or sophisticated rule sets with ease

Configuration through a single Web console

  • Campaigns can be created, modified and cancelled at any time through a cloud-based management server
  • Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns based on actual market feedback and results

Relevant analytics and reporting options

  • Monitor key performance metrics of engagement campaigns
  • Gather new insights into customer behavior
  • Dashboard views and exportable reports
  • Consumer data include micro and macro location dwell times, frequency of visits, and frequency/effectiveness of engagement rules being triggered

Out-of-the-box support for key Triggers and Actions

  • Get started quickly with common events, conditions and actions needed to implement your first campaign
  • As your campaigns mature, easily build on your initial deployments with more advanced, custom plug-ins

Auto discovery of device capabilities and more

  • Eliminates the hassles of managing device specific dependencies
  • Provision each device based on the Plug-ins compatible with that specific device
  • Provisioning parameters are automatically discovered by the server upon registration

Third-party offers engine interface

  • Extract additional value from your existing investments to improve relevancy and targeting
  • REST APIs and configurable URIs ease integration efforts
  • Provides for painless rollouts and flexibility for future add-on functionality