Hotspot 2.0 and Next Generation Hotspot Standard

Hotspot 2.0 and Next Generation Hotspot

Hotspot 2.0 is an industry-wide solution to streamline network access in hotspots and eliminate the need for users to find and authenticate to a network each time they connect.

This initiative is chartered by the Wi-Fi Alliance and utilizes existing specifications to bring together relevant standards for supporting mobile device-to-hotspot interoperability. The scope of this interoperability includes secure, automated authentication, as well as beacon functionality that enables mobile devices to discover the type of Wi-Fi venue for roaming, and assess the quality of Wi-Fi access points prior to connection.

One of the goals of Hotspot 2.0 is to make the process of connecting to Wi-Fi as easy and secure as connecting to cellular networks. Hotspot 2.0 achieves this by providing seamless authentication and secure connection behind the scenes. With a Hotspot 2.0 enabled device, users need not select SSIDs or enter credentials each time at a captive portal. When within range of a Hotspot 2.0 enabled Wi-Fi access point (AP), the device automatically connects to the network and logs the user in. Subscription data elements and policy on the device provide the needed credentials and preferred networks for home and roaming networks.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (“WBA”) has played an important and critical role in forming an ecosystem of mobile operators, cable providers, Wi-Fi operators, venue service providers, roaming hub providers, OEM, ISV and wireless solution architects to drive adoption and deployment of Hotspot 2.0 technologies. Through WBA, carrier grade next generation Wi-Fi platforms enable the Wi-Fi ecosystem to develop new services for consumers and enterprises and to develop new monetization strategies and business models.  New service examples are Wi-Fi First operators, advertising and location based services.

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Next Generation Wi-Fi with network and device testing – A new and enlarged WBA NGH trial scope includes devices, infrastructure and servers that are capable of performing Wi-Fi roaming (Hotspot 2.0 compliant) but not necessarily certified, such as the latest mobile Operating Systems (iPhones and Android Marshmallow).