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Smith Micro Announces New Interoperability Toolkit for ANDSF Network Policy Management

May 22, 2013
NetWise I/O test environment helps accelerate deployment of ANDSF solutions for mobile operators

ALISO VIEJO, CA - May 22, 2013 - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) announced a new, easy to use toolkit, NetWise I/O, to validate interoperability between network infrastructure and mobile devices using ANDSF policy management. ANDSF is the 3GPP standard for enabling mobile devices to automatically discover and select wireless access networks based on policies and priorities defined by the mobile operator. The NetWise I/O test environment will help the industry accelerate deployment of ANDSF-based traffic management solutions, which have been slow to commercialize due to the fragmented device landscape and lack of an ANDSF certification process for solution providers.

The ANDSF network standard is an important building block for operators trying to create a seamless experience for users connecting to heterogeneous networks. It is intended to eliminate the need for users to manually discover and switch between available 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks based on network conditions and performance. However, the industry does not have a formal certification process for testing compliance to the ANDSF standard, leaving solution providers and operators on their own to test and validate their implementation of the standard for each device platform.

"Smith Micro has been at the forefront of network connectivity for a wide range of mobile devices for decades, and we have deep experience and leadership in the development and deployment of wireless industry standards, such as those from the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)," said Rick Carpenter, senior vice president of engineering at Smith Micro. "Our NetWise I/O test environment will fill a significant gap in the rollout of ANDSF by providing a common, OMA-DM based client that operators and network solution providers can use to validate ANDSF policies and the affect they have on device behavior. The toolkit will also be able to support extensions to the ANDSF standard that can provide advanced traffic management capabilities for operators."

NetWise I/O will utilize an intelligent service agent on an Android device to test the S14 interface specified in the ANDSF standard. The toolkit will provide documentation and test scripts to validate execution of commands against ANDSF management objects, such as:

  • ANDSF service discovery
  • Device and server initiated updates
  • Device location
  • Mobility policy and network discovery
  • Policy and network prioritization and selection

NetWise I/O will ensure that network policies sent by an ANDSF server are being received and interpreted correctly by the ANDSF client residing on the device. Further, NetWise I/O will provide valuable information about the execution of ANDSF operations on devices, including response times, hand-over experience, connection establishment and teardown times, and policy conflict resolution.

For network solution providers, NetWise I/O will help to accelerate commercial deployment of ANDSF servers and other wireless standards that benefit from ANDSF functionality, such as HotSpot 2.0. For mobile operators, the availability of proven ANDSF client and server solutions will save time in interoperability testing by allowing them to select pre-validated components to execute their traffic management strategies. Original equipment manufacturers that choose to implement the NetWise service agent on their devices can be assured of proven manageability using an ANDSF implementation that meets operator requirements.

The NetWise I/O toolkit for ANDSF will be available free through an online portal provided by Smith Micro. For more information, visit NetWise I/O.

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.:

Smith Micro Software provides solutions that simplify, secure and enhance the mobile experience. Our portfolio includes a wide range of applications that manage broadband connectivity, data traffic, devices, voice and video communications over wireless networks. With 30 years of experience developing world-class client and server software, Smith Micro helps the leading mobile network operators, device manufacturers and enterprises increase efficiency and capitalize on the growth of mobile-connected consumers and workforces. For more information, visit (NASDAQ: SMSI)

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