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Feb 23, 1999
Utilizing Legitimate E-Mail Addresses and Optional Use of the Pentium® III Processor Serial Number Feature, Conexs.Com Delivers a New Generation of Public Internet Communication

  • Offers real-time, person-to-person communication via the Internet
  • Utilizes legitimate e-mail addresses and optional use of the Pentium® III processor serial number
  • Links the mass market of Internet users together for real-time Internet communication
  • Creates a cost-efficient alternative to the telephone
  • Provides worldwide phone and video Internet communication capabilities
  • Enhances PC sales by adding value as a pre-loaded Internet communication solution

ALISO VIEJO, CA - Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq NMS: SMSI), a worldwide manufacturer of person-to-person communication software today announced the release of - a new Internet service offering public Internet communication that features real-time, person-to-person Internet chat and phone capabilities with a video phone option. Offering users optional use of the processor serial number feature of the upcoming Intel® Pentium® III processor, the service identifies a user's Intel®-based PC and accesses users by their legitimate e-mail address. This enables users to block unauthorized calls and unsolicited, inappropriate online material that is often times associated with these types of calls. As an Internet communication service, is a cost-efficient alternative to the telephone. is currently available to PC manufacturers offering systems using Intel® processors as a value-added, pre-loaded Internet communication solution. is the latest mass market Internet service offering real-time, person-to-person Internet communication that alleviates traditional calling costs. Enabling users to authorize and activate the capabilities of the Intel® Pentium® III processor serial number feature, offers a unique means of public Internet communication. is a real-time alternative to the telephone, bringing the cost-efficiency and convenience of the Internet to the forefront of public communications. is especially beneficial for individuals or households concerned with being exposed to inappropriate and offensive online material. also enhances remote communications for activities such as text chat, Internet phone and videoconferencing. - How It Works

The first component of is an exclusive server that posts registered users every time they log on to the Internet, enabling callers to access the correct Internet phone address of the party they are calling.

The second component is a software application which, when installed on a Pentium® III processor-based PC, enables each user to register their system with the service if the user chooses to enable the processor serial number feature of the Pentium® III processor.

As part of the registration process, users enter their legitimate e-mail address, establishing a consistent calling format, similar to that of the telephone system. From that point on, the service protects a user's system from any inappropriate online material generated from unsolicited callers.

"We believe that will be part of a new wave of Internet communication services for the mass market of Internet users," said William W. Smith Jr., president and chief executive officer of Smith Micro. "This service will provide Internet users around the world with the benefit of having their everyday Internet communication protected from unwanted calls and unsolicited or offensive online material."

Optional Pentium® III Processor Serial Number Feature

Similar to the public telephone system, allows anyone to place a call simply by being connected to the service. Through the optional activation of Intel®'s Pentium® III processor serial number feature, the service identifies registered users by their system's processor serial number and their legitimate e-mail address. As a result, users can initiate a "call blocking" system to define who can and cannot call their PC, creating a unique Internet communication system.

"Smith Micro's is an innovative use of the Pentium® III processor serial number feature," said Albert Teng, Director of New Technologies/Businesses at Intel. "Smith Micro offers new ways of Internet communication with the Pentium® III processor that could change the way people communicate with each other."

With the optional activation of the Pentium® III processor serial number feature and a user's legitimate e-mail address, users can be assured blockage of unauthorized calls to their system as well as blockage from receiving unsolicited and inappropriate online material. With earlier Intel® processors, uses only the e-mail address of users, which still offers excellent protection from unwanted online callers.

Additional Features of

Placing a real-time call on is easy. Users simply enter the legitimate e-mail address of the intended party in the call initiator pop-up box, press the call button, and the call is sent to the server where it is processed - much like a regular phone call.

The phone component simulates that of a traditional phone. When a call is placed, an incoming ring is sounded like a regular telephone. When the receiving party answers, the two parties are immediately connected for a live voice conversation. Since the call is made over the Internet, the call itself is free whether it is local or long distance. also offers a text chat feature to establish live text chat sessions. Users have the ability to switch from live text chat to a live voice call effortlessly.

To utilize the video calling option, both parties must have the optional video application and a camera. A video dialog box (screen) appears with the phone for both local and remote users. A videoconference is established, allowing audio and video communication. Like the phone feature, the video conversation itself is free over the Internet.

A "contact list" feature is also available. By pre-entering a party's e-mail address and assigning a corresponding name, a simple double-click on that person's name will automatically dial that person's e-mail address.

Future offerings of will include a fax service featuring high-resolution faxing, and call forwarding offering online voice mail and video mail.

With , users can make audio and video calls anywhere in the world with the convenience and cost-efficiency of the Internet. The development of has established a way to link Internet users together, enabling everyone to be a part of a new generation of Internet communication.

Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq NMS: SMSI) is a worldwide manufacturer of state-of-the-art, person-to-person communication solutions designed for the Internet and traditional applications. Its latest development, , is an Internet-based service that offers a real-time, cost-efficient alternative to the telephone. It is easily accessible from any PC and is free of traditional phone company calling costs. is currently available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as a pre-loaded Internet communication solution. Smith Micro's complete line of products are available through direct sales, retail stores, value-added resellers (VARs) and OEMs.

Corporate headquarters is Smith Micro, Software, Inc., 51 Columbia, Aliso Viejo, Calif., 92656. Telephone: (949) 362-5800. Fax: (949) 362-2300. For more information about Smith Micro and its complete line of products, visit the company's Web site at To become a VAR partner, visit the VARPlus "Partner in Profit" Program Web site at

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