CommSuite Cloud

CommSuite® Cloud is a set of services that tie together various features, applications and services to extend voice messaging well beyond the device. The service enables messaging where you want it, when you want it and how you want it. As an additional value to mobile network operators, CommSuite Cloud can provide valuable analytics for increased adoption and retention of value added services.

Voice Assistants Aren’t Just for Music and Checking the Weather

Make your voice assistant even more valuable than it already is. Instead of trying to find your phone to listen to your voice messages, have your voice assistant do it for you. With CommSuite Cloud Voice Assistant support, your messages are just a voice command away.

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Only Get the Voice Messages You Want

If you’re like most, many voice messages you receive are not ones you wish to get such as telemarketers, scams, or even just blank ones. With CommSuite Cloud Context support, your voice messages can now be categorized into convenient folders such as “appointment reminder”, “telemarketer”, “scam/fraud”, “no/blank audio”, and more. Now you can truly ignore messages from unwanted categories while ensuring you see the important ones.

Reliable Voice-to-Text Transcription

Why listen when you can read? The CommSuite Cloud Voice-to-Text service transcribes your voice message so you can read and respond to voice messages in any situation. English and Spanish transcriptions supported with more languages available and on the way.

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