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Mobile operators face the constant challenge of delivering simple and reliable connectivity. Our proven solutions make it significantly easier for subscribers to use mobile data services. Just ask the world's largest mobile operators who have used our connection management applications over the past two decades.   

Are You Missing
Valuable Opportunities?

Are you using every opportunity to engage, service and upsell to subscribers who are accessing the mobile internet? By supplying a connection management application to get devices online, you gain a “first screen” advantage with subscribers, opening the door to important revenue opportunities.  Learn how to use mobile hotspots and other connectivity devices to promote and bill for additional wireless services.

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Customer care remains a top expense for operators, and complex network connections only compound the problems. Users think they’re connected, but they can’t get data…so they call you. Or some Wi-Fi access point keeps prompting for a password…they call again. Using a connection manager with built-in diagnostics can expedite customer service resolutions, and in some cases automatically correct the issue, eliminating the support call altogether. Our solution drives efficiency and vital cost savings.

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Windows 8 Challenges and Opportunities

Windows Challenges and Opportunities

The good news: Windows supports new connectivity standards like MBIM. The bad news: MBIM doesn’t work everywhere, and many networking features require custom development by the operator. Learn about the limitations of Windows connectivity, why MBIM extensions add value, and how a turn-key, branded Windows connection manager app can bridge a variety of connectivity and service gaps. Download our whitepaper series and gain valuable insights about Windows connectivity.

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