Windows 8 Mobile Broadband Whitepaper Series

What Mobile Operators Need To Know About Windows 8 Connectivity

Windows 8 Mobile Broadband Series Front Cover Part 3

Mobile network operators and end users will see improvements to broadband connectivity in Windows 8, such as automatic device detection and installation. However, many features will still require development and integration in order to create a rich, seamless user experience.  This 3-part white paper series will address how operators can leverage new features in Windows 8 connectivity to better engage users, while lowering operational costs with a standards-based design.

Part 1 - Windows 8 Mobile Broadband API Extensions

The paper provides an overview of Windows 8 broadband connectivity features, including the built-in connection interface, mobile broadband class driver, and Mobile Broadband Application Programming Interface (MBAPI) extensions which are critical to meeting the needs of operators.

Part 2 - Bringing MBIM to More Platforms

The Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) standard for broadband connectivity, developed by the USB Implementers Forum with contributions from Smith Micro, was first commercialized on broadband devices supporting Windows 8. But the benefits can expand to other platforms such as Windows 7, Vista and MacOS. This whitepaper will describe how MBIM can accelerate the launch of new devices, lower device install times, and eliminate driver conflicts.

Part 3 - Raising the Bar with Mobile Hotspots

This whitepaper will explore the mobile hotspot experience from Windows 8 devices, including the default, unmetered connection behavior, and the opportunity to extend a more functional, branded experience to Wi-Fi only devices using an enhanced hotspot.


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