Whitepapers and Reports

Wi-Fi Credential Provisioning, Authentication and Management

Wi-Fi technology is now ubiquitous, having gained widespread adoption among consumers, enterprises, vendors, and wireless service providers around the world. In large part, the popularity of Wi-Fi can be attributed to the simplicity of its design and its ease of use. While this simplicity has driven widespread Wi-Fi deployment and adoption, fragmentation in approaches to user authentication and security have created acute challenges for communication service providers (CSPs) looking to scale Wi-Fi service provisioning to millions of subscribers.

The Case for ANDSF – Where Operators Can Find Value

There has been a rapid increase in interest to improve cellular to Wi-Fi interoperability – not just from mobile operators, but also from cable operators, fixed line operators and enterprises. This three-part whitepaper series will address how ANDSF can help wireless service providers augment network capacity and extend services across heterogeneous networks through policy-based management of mobile device connectivity.

Mobile Hotspot Usage Growing Despite Concerns (Survey)

A recent survey of mobile hotspot usage patterns among U.S. consumers has uncovered that most users have tried the service and want more control. The survey polled more than 700 consumers across the U.S. regarding their mobile hotspot usage patterns and preferences. Also available is a recorded webinar with T-Mobile USA where we discuss these results and their relevance to today's mobile operator.

Wi-Fi Usage Survey Results – Smartphone Users Sound-Off on Wi-Fi

Performance, cost, and ease-of-use are driving factors among U.S. consumers according to a recent survey. Learn more about the smartphone Wi-Fi usage patterns and preferences of consumers across the U.S through our survey results and the included infographic.

Windows 8 Mobile Broadband Whitepaper Series

Mobile network operators and end-users will see improvements to broadband connectivity in Windows 8, such as automatic device detection and installation. However, many features will still require development and integration in order to create a rich, seamless user experience.  This 3-part white paper series will address how operators can leverage new features in Windows 8 connectivity to better engage users, while lowering operational costs with a standards-based design.