Webinar Recording: Intelligent Wi-Fi — Using policy at the device to deliver a better customer experience 

As a popular access technology, Wi-Fi provides many benefits to an operator. It can alleviate network congestion, reduce churn, extend operator brand and open up new sources of revenues. However, as carrier Wi-Fi networks are deployed today, operators are challenged to fully maximize and monetize those benefits.

To gain more control over the customer experience and create opportunities for monetization, operators need to go beyond basic Wi-Fi offload to leverage a broad set of intelligence about the network and the subscriber – including subscriber devices, plans, preferences, location, data usage and quality of experience.

This webinar, presented by Ovum, Amdocs and Smith Micro, examines how carrier Wi-Fi needs to change to support a better subscriber experience and emerging business models for Wi-Fi services. Register Here »

We'll explore use cases for intelligent offload and advanced policy at the device – and examine how the approach enables differentiated Wi-Fi services for customer acquisition, retention and monetization. Use cases will include:

  • Capacity and revenue optimization – dynamic offload and onload between mobile and Wi-Fi networks utilizing device and network information on subscriber plans, billing cycle, data usage, personal Quality of Experience and network conditions. 
  • Improved customer experience – automatically generating policies based on real-time and predictive Wi-Fi Quality of Service to balance the load between Wi-Fi and mobile networks and improve the subscriber experience. 
  • Integrated roaming plans – using ANDSF discovery information and policies for partner Wi-Fi network access and authentication to seamlessly offload mobile subscribers to partner Wi-Fi networks based on subscriber’s data plans and entitlements. 
  • Context-aware promotions – capturing and using granular data on connections and user behavior – such as indoor location, dwell time, user travel and subscriber preferences – to deliver targeted offers and advertising directly to the subscriber device. 

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