Webinar Recording: Building a Profitable RCS Strategy

Don’t lose the messaging race by deploying without a revenue engine.

After years in the making, RCS is finally gaining traction with operators who believe it’s their best bet to compete with over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps.

Webinar Recording: Building a Profitable RCS StrategyCan RCS features alone recapture subscribers who have abandoned operator messaging services? Or is it too little, too late?

RCS offers some key advantages that OTT app providers don't have. To maximize them, you must be equipped with the tools to:

  • Automatically provision new services
  • Support flexible, “try and buy” business models
  • Collect data on user behavior to maximize adoption
  • Reduce support burden with app management
  • Create a viral, content-driven experience

Join us as we cover the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for RCS. You’ll learn:

  • What’s MISSING in the RCS standard that is critical to your success
  • Why using RCS purely for retention is leaving money on the table
  • How to monetize services that consumer are NOT willing to pay for

If you are currently deploying or considering deploying RCS in your network, this webinar is for you. Sign up today and learn how to develop an RCS strategy that includes a clear path to profit.


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