Unlike downloaded apps and add-ons, the CommSuite Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution is an integral part of the handset's software. Smith Micro works with handset OEMs to ensure that our PTT service functions seamlessly and reliably.

Maximum Uptime, Superior Performance, Unsurpassed Quality

Maximum Uptime, Superior Performance, Unsurpassed Quality

CommSuite Push-to-Talk (PTT) offers superior performance, sound quality, and reliability. For operators, this translates into fewer support calls and greater customer satisfaction with the service. Designed specifically to Motorola PTT server specifications, the client is available as a turnkey solution or as modular layers that are ready for handset OEMs to integrate.

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Compatible with Virtually All Devices. Proven Across All Industries.

PTT service has proven highly successful with businesses of all sizes and across all industries. In particular, this service is gaining popularity with the transportation, security, and manufacturing industries. With CommSuite PTT shipped on more than 25 models and 10 million handsets, Smith Micro is the leading global provider of clients for data services PTT.

Improves Call Speed. Drives Service Adoption.

The PTT client features minimized call setup latency. The client uses outbound buffering and advanced setup routines to enhance the PTT experience, resulting in the lowest latency and fastest time-to-talk possible on CDMA 1X networks. With the Push-to-Talk client, users can begin speaking in as little as 1.5 seconds after initiation. Speed like this drives service adoption and customer satisfaction.