NetWise Director

The NetWise Director® solution helps both mobile and cable operators provide their subscribers with the best wireless network experience. Using the power of policy-on-device and intelligent radio control, NetWise Director seamlessly manages data connections to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. It also lets you evolve traffic controls as your needs change through over-the-air policy updates and built-in analytics.

Efficient Offload Requires a Targeted Approach

Not all 3G or 4G networks are congested, and not all Wi-Fi networks are clear. An intelligent client can determine how each network is performing, at any given time, before offloading—or onloading—your subscribers. With NetWise Director, both cable and mobile operators can selectively target areas of congestion to offer the best possible experience—every single time. Explore all the reasons why an intelligent client is essential.

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Visibility On—and Off—
Your Network

You see what’s happening on your own network, but to ensure a great Quality of Experience (QoE) all the time, you need visibility when users are accessing public and private Wi-Fi, and even roaming networks. NetWise Director gives you on-device analytics to measure performance anywhere, ensuring optimum service delivery over every network. Learn more by reading a blog article on this subject.

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Power the
Internet of Things

M2M devices come in every shape and size, and some need more controls
than others. From device certification to activation to post launch support, NetWise Director can increase your value in the M2M market by offering a
wide range of policy controls – from very basic to very advanced. Let security, manageability and reliability be your value-add.

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Manage More Than
Network Traffic

The NetWise Director solution provides benefits beyond the network team. With customized policy creation and real-time policy enforcement, NetWise Director can be used for service entitlement, sponsored data, least-cost roaming, content filtering, and more. Learn how an intelligent rules engine can help you achieve your business goals by watching our exclusive webinar with Yankee Group.

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