CommSuite Avatars

You’re losing money from subscribers to OTT applications. Why would you do that when there is an opportunity today to engage with them using your existing voicemail platform? Bring back your messaging revenue with CommSuite Avatars.

Features for the Operator

  • Business metrics and reporting supported via in-app analytics
  • Freemium and ad-supported business models
  • Auto provisioning, operator billing integration, and handset swap supported

How Operators Can Benefit From CommSuite Avatars

  • Offers new revenue-generating opportunities through a standard mobile messaging system
  • Avatars is white labeled to maintain a standard branding experience for subscribers
  • Integration with existing mobile messaging services as well as next generation RCS IP messaging environments
  • A large artist community along with the Avatar Challenge education program provides a constant supply of unique and engaging content

Features for the End User

  • Send and receive animated messages using a library of avatars and backgrounds
  • Avatars are lip-synced with the user’s voice for messages of up to 2 minutes in length
  • Messages can be shared within the app between network subscribers or to anyone off network via SMS, email, or posted to Facebook

How End Users Can Use CommSuite Avatars

  • Celebrate a birthday
  • Make an announcement
  • Send a congratulations message to a friend
  • Go beyond standard text messaging or basic stickers – the sky’s the limit!