QuickLink Zero

QuickLink Zero provides an embedded connection manager for mobile hotspots and USB modems, allowing operators to deliver a consistent experience to users of new operating systems and devices, while maintaining compatibility with older devices and operating systems. Lower expenses. Bring devices to market quicker.

Bring Devices to Market 50% Faster

Variances between unique driver requirements and system integrations can delay device launches for months creating costly delays and lost competitive opportunities. QuickLink Zero provides OEMs with standard APIs and test tools that are portable across operating systems, resulting in accelerated device cycles. Contain costs, while gaining a competitive advantage.

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Deliver Superior Devices. Stand Out From the Crowd

Deliver Superior Devices. Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s crowded device marketplace, finding ways to set yours apart from the competition is key. Differentiate new devices by offering operators easy application and system integrations. QuickLink Zero easily integrates with a variety of value-added applications such as self-care diagnostics that auto-correct many device-related connectivity problems, reducing the need for subscribers to call into customer support. Watch this informative demonstration of QuickLink Zero to learn more.

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Lowers Costs. Deliver a Better User Experience

Connecting to mobile networks should be simple and intuitive yet variances in OS and device types can lead to higher instances of support calls. QuickLink Zero offers an embedded, unified connection manager and administration portal (for hotspots) that works the same on any tablet as it does on a PC or Mac, lowering support costs for operators – dramatically improving the user experience.

Maximize Your Engineering Resources

Allocating engineering resources to build to custom operator requirements is highly inefficient and can prove to be costly, especially when deploying to diverse OS and device types. QuickLink Zero allows OEMs to “build it once - deploy to many” with custom features and operator-specific interfaces made standard across any USB, PCMCIA and mobile hotspot devices. We help you deploy features that will differentiate devices at a fraction of the cost.