QuickLink MBIM Middleware

QuickLink MBIM (Mobile Broadband Interface Model) Middleware offers OEMs and chipset vendors a cost-efficient way to accelerate the development of mobility and telematics solutions. Faster device launches, reduced device install times and cross-platform compatibility are just a few of the benefits gained using QuickLink MBIM Middleware.

Shrink Device Launch Cycles. Leverage Standard Drivers and APIs.

Use Standard Drivers and APIs to Shorten Device Launch Cycles

Failure to meet device launch deadlines can be catastrophic. Variances between unique driver requirements and system integrations can delay device launches for months. QuickLink MBIM Middleware provides OEMs standard drivers and APIs that are portable across operating systems, resulting in accelerated device cycles. Speed time-to-market with this powerful solution.

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Improve Operational Efficiency. Lower Costs.

To stay competitive, mobile device OEMs and chipset vendors need to avoid costly one-off engineering expenditures associated with building exclusive OS and device-specific drivers. QuickLink MBIM Middleware offers ready-made mobility and telemetry solutions, providing quick gains in operational efficiency and accelerating development cycles. We help you by maximizing your engineering resources.

Simplify the Complexity of M2M Development

For hardware manufacturers in the M2M space, navigating the multitude of form factors, OS types, and custom interfaces can be cumbersome and costly. QuickLink MBIM Middleware simplifies development of advanced M2M solutions and services by standardizing the broadband modem interface. This results in reduced complexity and a greater ability to contain costs.