NetWise OMC

NetWise Open Management Client (OMC) streamlines OMA-DM carrier compliance for OEMs and device manufacturers, greatly reducing time-to-market and service costs for “in-field" devices. Built on the carrier-grade NetWise platform, OMC supports core OMA standardized and proprietary management objects to enable real-time telecom service provisioning, device diagnostics, and rapid, over-the-air software updates and feature delivery.

Intelligent Device Management for Cost-Efficient Operations

Intelligent Device Management for Cost-Efficient Operations

In addition to locate, lock and wipe, OEMs with sophisticated mobility specs and diverse device portfolios require a robust policy management solution. NetWise OMC offers OEMs an intelligent client with programmable features such as Least-Cost & QoS-based network selection and an Event-based Traps & Rules Engine to lower operational and support costs.

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Keep Development Costs in Check while Meeting Operator Specs

Custom software development that meets operator-specific device requirements can require a costly investment in engineering resources. NetWise OMC solves this problem using flexible plug-in models. Our solution works with any server infrastructure that is OMA DM compatible to reduce unnecessary development costs.

Manage the Entire Software Life Cycle.

Once devices are in the field, managing them effectively can prove costly and cumbersome. NetWise OMC provides tools to efficiently manage the entire software life cycle OTA–from activation, to firmware updates, through device removal–thereby streamlining device management activities and reducing costs.