NetWise FOTA

Powered by the NetWise policy-on-device platform, NetWise FOTA is a turnkey firmware-over-the-air service that empowers OEMs, M2M system integrators and enterprises to update device firmware/software over-the-air (OTA), to proactively monitor device health with rules-based business logic, and efficiently manage connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

Harness the Scalability of the Cloud for Firmware OTA

Connected devices and the systems they comprise must be able to scale and adapt to support dynamic use cases and marketplace demands. To achieve this level of scalability with FOTA updates, your backend management server must be up to the task as well. As a turnkey, cloud service, NetWise FOTA can support connected devices at any scale. Explore other features and benefits of our NetWise FOTA solution.

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Reduce Deployment Costs. Future-Proof Devices.

Once devices are deployed in the field, upgrades can be delayed due to the high costs associated with re-programming them. NetWise FOTA eliminates this problem, providing reflashing of device firmware over-the-air in a secure and fault tolerant manner, thus reducing deployment costs. Keep devices upgraded without any hassle. Read more about how you must plan ahead when considering this type of solution.

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A Proven FOTA Solution You Can Trust

For FOTA to have value, device updates must be secure and validated by a trusted process. With standard features like fault-tolerance, block-by-block update functionality and embedded diagnostics, NetWise FOTA will deliver the robustness and management transparency you require.

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Don't Wait. Your Competition Isn't.

Efficient and cost-effective management of connected devices is absolutely critical to maximizing value and ROI. The grand scale and diverse geographic layout of connected systems compound the importance of savvy device management, while simultaneously making it exponentially more challenging. A robust and proven firmware-over-the-air solution like NetWise FOTA will revolutionize your ability to update and manage these complex systems.

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