Conquer Complexity. Infuse Flexibility.

Standards-based solutions for efficient and flexible connected device management

Scale Efficiently and Satisfy Diverse Business Needs

IoT growth opportunities are literally endless, but so are the challenges. To capitalize on the IoT, your business requires a flexible solution that addresses specific business needs. Grow your IoT operations confidently with the the QuickLink IoT Services Platform through intelligent device management, robust FOTA updates, and event-based remote fault monitoring.

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Accelerate Time-to-Market

Beating your competitors to market certainly has advantages. Out-of-the-box carrier certification for OMA-DM and LwM2M standards paired with comprehensive support for Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) will provide the competitive advantage you seek.

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Solve Specific Business Needs

The plug-n-play development framework and modular management model provide ultimate flexibility

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Comprehensive IoT Device Management

Support the entire device lifecycle with diagnostics, provisioning, configuration and firmware updates

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Proven, Simplified Integration Process

Expedite the validation of OEM API libraries with prepackaged scripts and a proven test environment

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