NetWise Device Management

The NetWise® Device Management platform combines the powerful NetWise® on-device rules engine with the Open Mobile Alliance’s LWM2M management object model to deliver an extensible, efficient and full-featured device management solution. Explore a solution that provides fault and diagnostics management, device provisioning, device configuration, and Firmware/SW updates.

Device Management Zen is Within Reach

Effectively managing many different types of connected devices, each running on different operating systems and exposing different parameters can be a daunting task. Save time and operational costs with the configuration and dependency management functionality of the NetWise DM platform. Click through to explore the features and benefits of the NetWise DM platform

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Automate Device Health Monitoring in Industrial IoT

Automate Device Health Monitoring

Manually confirming healthy device operation within a system that consists of a few hundred devices is no big deal, but this method becomes untenable pretty quickly as IIoT systems scale past first-generation deployments. By taking advantage of the new “Observe/Notify” command set included in OMA’s LWM2M management object model, NetWise DM empowers autonomous device operation eliminating costly network chatter.

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Accelerate Custom IIoT Development

The NetWise DM client’s plug-in framework streamlines the process of adding custom management parameters and functionality to any IIoT system. To bolster utility, the NetWise DM client was designed based on the management model defined by the Open Mobile Alliance LWM2M specification, which supports system-wide extensibility, flexibility and customization potential. Read this blog article on more ways to plan ahead with connected device management.

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Fortify and Streamline Firmware Updates

Based on best-of-breed technology, the firmware/SW update functionality of the NetWise DM platform is second to none. Leveraging innovative byte-level differencing and block-based algorithms, our firmware update platform combines unmatched efficiency with purpose-built redundancy. Explore the NetWise DM Platform further.

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Trust the Device Management Experts

The transformational nature of the IoT makes it easy to overlook mundane, yet critical, details like device interoperability and system maintenance. However, as with most things, “the devil is in the detail.” Partner with us and we’ll enable you to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

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