NetWise IoT Services Platform

The NetWise® IoT services platform combines the powerful NetWise® on-device rules engine with the Open Mobile Alliance’s LightweightM2M (LwM2M) management object model to deliver an extensible, efficient and full-featured device management solution. Explore a solution that provides fault and diagnostics management, device provisioning, device configuration, and Firmware/SW updates.

Policy-based Command and Control

  • Supports simplified remote device configuration, rules-based update orchestration and dependency management
  • Rules-based NetWise IoT client provides unmatched control regarding data transfer locations, intervals and networks saving on bandwidth costs
  • Device parameters and settings can be configured directly using management interface or indirectly using REST API interface

Modular Architecture and Management Object “Plug-In” Framework

  • Accelerates Custom Development
  • Exposes APIs to design custom “plug-ins” that enable developers to build in executable routines and expose unique management parameters
  • Management server auto-discovers any parameters/functions the are exposed using development framework

Extensible Management Model

  • Standards-based – OMA LwM2M specification
  • Unmatched flexibility and customization capabilities
  • Flexibility of model enables application to an infinite number of IoT management challenges
  • Model enables developers to create business logic quickly and conditional actions without hard-coding

Autonomous Device Operation and Smart Device Health Monitoring

  • OMA LwM2M introduces a new “Observe/Notify” command set which enables ongoing monitoring of active devices and parameters that can be triggered by local events on the device rather than fixed period reporting or push-requested reporting
  • Eliminates unnecessary data transfer and administration costs associated with verification of a “healthy” device