Conquer Complexity. Infuse Flexibility.

Standards-based solutions for efficient and flexible connected device management

Taming the IoT Beast, One Managed Object at a Time

As you scale your homegrown connected system, device management challenges are inevitable… However, employing a proven, standards-based approach, will mitigate these challenges. Explore this approach further.

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Scale Efficiently with "Intelligent" Device Management

IoT growth opportunities are literally endless, but so are the challenges. With the NetWise DM platform, your devices will be the smartest around with capabilities such as rules-based diagnostics/fault reporting and autonomous device operation. Explore the NetWise Device Management platform.

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Infinitely Extensible

The plug-n-play development framework and modular management model provide ultimate flexibility

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On-Device Rules Engine

Improve the reliability of “in-field” devices by adding situational "intelligence"

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Update Orchestration

Group updates by device attribute as well as location to save time and money

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Efficient and Robust Firmware Updates

Byte-level differencing and fault tolerant firmware reflash provide redundancy and efficiency

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Extensive Industry Experience

The NetWise server and client is commercially deployed on 100s of millions of devices

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