Build Relationships With Context-Driven Engagement

As more customers go “mobile-first” to complete routine banking transactions, opportunities to raise awareness of high-value financial services such as loans and mortgages decrease. To build relationships with these “distant” mobile customers, financial institutions must offer relevant services at the right time and place. Explore how NetWise Captivate can enable you to engage with your mobile customers when it makes the most sense.

Have you lost touch with your mobile customers?

While mobile has transformed the relationship between banks and their customers, it has also enabled many new, powerful ways to engage with consumers using mobile context and device-based information. With its context-rich engagement logic, NetWise Captivate empowers financial institutions to add value to customer relationships while raising visibility and consumption of key services through relevant mobile engagement in real-time. Download the whitepaper on Smarter Mobile Engagement to learn how.

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Is your in-branch experience a drag?

Luckily for many consumers, overcrowded, understaffed bank branches are a distant memory. On the other hand, many people still value the experience of in-person banking. With the unique mobile engagement capabilities enabled by NetWise Captivate, financial institutions can differentiate their in-branch experience through personalized customer service in real-time. Listen to the Webinar to learn more.

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Is inadequate customer insight hindering strategic planning?

With the number of visits and the number of branches decreasing, it is more important than ever to understand customer behavior in and near branches to maximize their impact. By utilizing NetWise Captivate, banks can collect visitor metrics to optimize branch staffing, gain insight into customer experience and dwell times, and segment customers more effectively between regular and occasional branch users. Download the whitepaper to learn how.

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