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A Personal Approach to Mobile Marketing

Built for brands, large retailers and any business with a large mobile customer base, enhance your mobile marketing program by making the most of your mobile reach. Combine real-world situations with location-based services, purchase history, and the power of smartphones to offer a more personal brand experience to your customers.

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Build Relationships With Context-Driven Engagement

As more customers go “mobile-first” to complete routine banking transactions, opportunities to raise awareness of high-value financial services such as loans and mortgages decrease. To build relationships with these “distant” mobile customers, financial institutions must offer relevant services at the right time and place. Explore how NetWise Captivate can enable you to engage with your mobile customers when it makes the most sense.

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Engage When and Where It Makes Sense

More so than ever before, brand differentiation comes down to customer experience. Using the power and intimacy enabled by mobile engagement, retailers and brands can deliver the memorable customer experiences they strive for IF… the engagement is relevant and valuable. Unfortunately, this has frequently not been the case with mobile engagement. Learn how adding context-rich engagement logic into your app can differentiate the mobile experience for your customers.

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Connect With Guests Wherever They Roam

Your guests are attached to their mobile devices, which gives you a great new opportunity to increase efficiency, generate revenue, and learn more about your patrons through their personal devices. Whether they are eating in the restaurant or lounging by the pool, you can engage guests through targeted promotions, event-triggered surveys, or streaming video that goes wherever they do.

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4D App Studio Mobile App Design and Development

4D App Studio™ offers comprehensive mobile app design and development that accelerates app time-to-market and mobilizes your products and services. Driven by a commitment to create memorable and unique mobile experiences that meet your business goals, 4D App Studio will help your company create a mobile app that is appreciated by both users and your bottom line. Explore our app portfolio below.

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Be Connected. Stay Secure

As more of your workforce and law enforcement officers come to rely on mobile devices, you need an effective way to manage connectivity, performance and costs. We provide a customizable platform for connectivity and policy management that is easy to scale, simple to use, and allows IT administrators regain control of mobility-related security, performance, and expenses.

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