QuickLink Mobility Whitepaper

Benefits of a Unified Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Secure Connectivity

QuickLink Mobility Whitepaper Front CoverSecure network connectivity is a fundamental requirement for enterprise employees to perform their job. Today, there are more connection options than ever, especially when on the go using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. The on-the-go connection model represents the fastest-growing connection method, largely due to the business benefits gained by increasing employee productivity and customer responsiveness. Enterprise IT organizations are challenged with providing solutions that enable an employee to connect securely to corporate resources while moving across these multiple networks.

A best-in-class solution should support deployment across an entire enterprise workforce and provide the same level of connectivity and security no matter where an employee needs to log in. Learn how a unified enterprise mobility solution, such as QuickLink Mobility from Smith Micro, provides ubiquitous, secure connectivity under all circumstances.


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