Delivering High-Quality Video Without the Hassle

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More than 50% of all mobile devices have the ability to play video content. Only a fraction receive a high-quality video experience consistently.

We all hate long buffering delays when viewing live or pre-recorded video content, yet the wide variations in mobile platforms, networks, codecs, video players, and protocols make it virtually impossible to preload the right software onto each device to ensure fast, smooth video streaming.  So stop trying.

With the Smith Micro VIDIO™ platform, you can dynamically adapt video streams based on the capabilities of each device - with NO client software required.  Download our free whitepaper to learn the critical components of monetizing optimized video delivery across platforms, including:

  • HTTP Adaptive Streaming
  • Real-Time Ad Insertion

VIDIO is helping mobile network operators, internet service providers, content aggregators and video producers create a mobile video experience that end users love, with far less complexity, and far better results.  Read our Customer Case Study to find out more.


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